Alaskan Reality Shows, Enough already

I’m starting to think the second biggest export from Alaska next to oil is reality shows.
Every channel I turn on has a show about Alaska and it’s getting a little old.
I get it, it’s cold and your off the grid and resourceful. Bravo for you.
If that’s the way you choose to live then so be it but get the hell off my TV.
One show would be ok or maybe two but 31!
That’s how many Wikipedia claims there are and that’s 30 too many!
What is so fascinating about people being cold and hungry?
How about a show about all the homeless people in New York, lets follow them around and see how they live.
Wait a minute, that’s not a bad idea.
I’m off to sell this to the networks and make my fortune off those less fortunate.
It’s Brilliant!!

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