For Sale: Thanksgiving

The holidays have become so commercialized that it makes me want to scream. It should be about family and sharing not store sales and commercialism. I’m trying to get the family together for Thanksgiving and my sister ask me if we could have dinner early because there are some sales she needs to get to. The nerve of her, she’s going to come offer, eat fast and then leave to go shopping. I try and instill traditions and family values in my children and what kind of message does it send when Aunt Karen has to go because there is a killer sale at Wal-Mart?
And Christmas has become nothing more than one-upmanship with neighbors and friends on who bought the coolest or the most gifts. My husband and I try to teach our children that it’s the thought that counts and they should give their siblings something from the heart, not the latest Star Wars gizmo. With all the uncertainty and craziness in the world would it hurt anyone to just spend some family time and give thanks for just being together? And maybe we could all put the phones, tablets, video games, and laptops down for a few moments and get to know one another as people? Or how about telling your children or parents how much they mean to you and how much you love them?
Its sad how there is no more traditionalism, just commercialism.
Thanks for letting me say my peace and I wish anyone who reads this a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

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I Agree With You 100%!! It’s Such A Shame What The Holidays Mean To Today’s Youth & Unfortunately It’s Just As Bad If Not Even Worse With The Adult’s!! How Can Stores Advertise That Black Friday Starts Thurs. Evening (Thanksgiving Day~Mind You) BC They R Opening @ 6pm. Absolutely DISGUSTING & DEPRESSING!! 🙁


well said, Thank you!