Going “Green” for green

I’ll go “Green” for Green
I was in a real fancy hotel recently and they asked me if I wanted the “Green” option? I asked what that was and was told that they wouldn’t pick up the towels or clean the room during my stay and in exchange they would give me a $5 credit per night.
Are you kidding me? I was paying nearly $500 per night and I’m going to reuse wet dirty towels to save $5 bucks? I don’t think so thank you very much. Oh but I’m saving the planet, while then make it worth my while and give me $50 off per night, then I would consider it.
On top of that, I get to my room and they want another $19.95 per day for Wi-Fi. I’m already paying $500 a night for the room, $45 per night for parking, and you can’t give me free internet?
I get free Wi-Fi at a “Motel 6” that I only pay $60 a night, and I get clean towels!
As long as people keep paying these outrageous prices to these ritzy hotels, the more they will keep charging us. I think we need to all ban together and start boycotting.

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