I just don’t care anymore

I realized today that I don’t like myself very much. I’ve become jaded and cynical to the point of outright depression. I just don’t really care about anything, politics, sex, fun, going out with the girls, I can take or leave it all. I find myself walking aimlessly around the city looking at people as they walk by and wondering if their happy, what is their life like, do they even notice me?
I feel like I’m invisible, sort of like BirdMan, I’m in my own little world.
While waiting for my drink at the coffee shop, a nice looking man asked me how my day was going. I looked at him for a few minutes and then replied “I’m not really sure yet, I guess if I wake up tomorrow then it was a good day today”. He looked puzzled and just walked away, I’m sure he was sorry he asked.
Anyway, it feels good to sit down and write this. At least other people in this coffee shop think I’m doing something or conversing with someone instead of just staring out the window.
What has my life become??

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