I know you are but what am I?

How hypocritical is it that Melania Trump is a champion for the cause of bullying, yet her husband (Donald) could be the most high-profile bully in the world today?
Does this woman not have a shred of self-respect? Oh wait, apparently not, she is married to Trump after all.
Melania needs to find another cause, one that she can defend with a straight face, cause Donald is like a giant 13 year old whose first response to any situation is the proverbial “I know you are but what am I”, followed by vicious personal attacks, something I’m sure he learned back in his pro wrestling days (Thanks Vince McMahon!).

Melania says that Trump attacking 16 year old Greta is different than say attacking her own son, because Greta is in the public eye. This may be true to some extent, but Donald’s words were belittling and mean and isn’t that sort of the definition of bulling someone? Here he is a grown man (allegedly), the President of the freaking United States, steaming mad that a 16 year old beat him for the cover of TIME. And when little Donny gets mad, which is often, the first thing he does is fire up the ole twitter account and start lashing out.
When you get down to the nitty gritty, Donald J. Trump, spends most of his day belittling, attacking, degrading, and generally being mean to people from his twitter account.
He is the poster child of cyber-bulling!

Politics aside, it really is a disgrace to have our president behave like a spoiled 13-year-old. He is absolutely teaching every kid in the world that when it comes to conflict, all you need to do is deflect, attack, discredit (rinse and repeat as needed), and just bully your way out of any situation.

Maybe Melania should change her initiative from BE BEST to BE WORST?
In this case, I think it’s a cause she and her husband can really get behind!

Alfred E. Newman

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