Tennessee Woman’s Delightful Rant on Leggings

The video by Jamie Higdon Randolph in which she dishes out leggings dos and dont’s in a thick Tennessee accent has been been viewed more than 12 million times. She says in the video that she’s issuing the PSA because she’s noticed a trend of women wearing the legwear as they would pants or pantyhose. “Some of you people like…

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Illinois, most Corupt state in the union

The state of Illinois is broke. They cannot pass a budget so they can’t pay there bills. If you win the lottery in Illinois you will not get paid because they don’t have the money. So why are they still selling lottery tickets and why are they still running millions of dollars in commercials every day when they can not…

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Irresponsible Dog Owners

What is the deal with some dog owners? I love to walk on some local trails and the sight of dog crap everywhere just ruins the walk. I can’t enjoy the scenery because I have to constantly watch where I’m walking to avoid stepping in all the crap. There are some owners who actually bag the poo but they can’t…

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