Obviously Kanye recently came out of his “crazy” hiatus because he has a new album coming out and he needs some PR to move some product. There’s no better PR then a bunch of crazy twitter rants, a shout out and a reply from the Pres,  and then cap it off by having your wife post some naked pictures of herself. But did Kanye turn up the crazy dial or is he just a robot that is controlled by a higher power, and the higher power needs some more PR? I think the latter. He must be a robot and every now and then heRead More →

Have you ever just sat back and thought about your life and what you do every day and why? When I got up this morning and started getting ready for work like I do every day, I paused for a moment and thought “Why am I doing this”? I don’t enjoy it, in fact I hate it and I would like to just no go and do something I want to do. Then I think, well, if I don’t work and make money, then I can never do what I enjoy doing, so it’s an endless cycle of compromises, I need one to do theRead More →

The new Lexus commercial makes Lexus drivers look like assholes. A Subaru driver would of stopped and helped the guy pick up his papers. Subaru should remake this commercial with the Subaru dogs helping the guy pick up his papers.Read More →