The NSA is watching me

So I’ve been trying to figure out how the NSA is getting all this information on me and my buds and today while I was eating an egg McMuffin and drinking a Dew at Mickey D’s, it finally dawned on me that McDonald’s has all the equipment they need to give the NSA good information on millions of people around the world.
They can get your picture, your finger prints, DNA, and if you pay with a card, they have your name as well. It’s the perfect front for the government and they have locations all over the world to do it. I was telling my bud Sean about this and he was all like “oh my God, oh my God, you’re on to something dude”. We got real excited and started thinking about it and it all made sense.
Like sometimes when we’re done eating some dude comes by out of nowhere and grabs our trays to toss them, but he’s not tossing them, he’s bringing in the back to collect the data. I’m sure they have a computer back there and he’s uploading all the information to the NSA and this goes on everyday all around the world! I’m going to think more on this and try and gather some evidence but I’m worried that I might get caught and sent to a Starbucks work camp.
Oh by the way, I think Starbucks is in on it to. Food for thought.
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