Thinking about my life

Have you ever just sat back and thought about your life and what you do every day and why?

When I got up this morning and started getting ready for work like I do every day, I paused for a moment and thought “Why am I doing this”? I don’t enjoy it, in fact I hate it and I would like to just no go and do something I want to do.

Then I think, well, if I don’t work and make money, then I can never do what I enjoy doing, so it’s an endless cycle of compromises, I need one to do the other.
If I ever want to do what I want then I have to work to make money to do it.

My Dad once told me when I was younger, “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Sounds great but what are the chances of that happening?
I’m in my 40’s and have been in a series of dead-end or mediocre jobs. I have no great skill or imagination to go off and make money by doing something I love.
The only things I love to do is watch sports, travel, drink Bud Light, and have sex, and I can’t really think of a way to support myself doing any of those.

No one is going to pay me to travel, watch sports, drink beer, or have sex, so what’s left?

I guess maybe this is my mid-life crisis but I’ve been really depressed lately knowing that I will probably work in some crappy job until I die.
My only motivation for getting out of bed is to make money to pay the rent, drink, and eat.
What the hell kind of life is that?
There has to more to life than that?

Every time I hear about the President talking about wanting to reform healthcare and reduce social security, I feel like it’s another obstacle to every being able to start my own business or ever retire.
There seem to be few options for middle to lower class working folks.
If you’re not super smart, wealthy, or have a rich Aunt to leave you millions, you are pretty much screwed living in America.

If have to wait till I’m 67 or 70 to retire, what’s left for me to enjoy at that age?
If I don’t have large sums of money I can’t travel or do much of anything except maybe survive day to day.

I think we should change our society and have two retirements.

One starts at age 20 and runs through age 40 and the other starts at 75 till death.
The 35 years in between you work and be a productive member of society.
This way you would be young enough to truly enjoy 20 years of your retirement.

You would have time to develop ideas and inventions or find out what your passions in life truly are.
You would have time to figure stuff out before the weight of the world crushed your spirit and will to live.

If you started a family, say at age 25, you would be home to take care of your kids, go to games, teach and nurture your children. Time for vacations and field trips and all the things you miss out on because you would otherwise be working.

Maybe then we could raise a society of better humans and have a more peaceful and productive world?
Maybe then I could get up in the morning and do something fun?
Maybe then I would get to enjoy retirement while I’m young enough to enjoy it?

Then again maybe it would be a big disaster.
I guess we’ll never know for sure but it would be an awesome experiment!

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