Vote Trump he’s the right man for the job

I think we should all go ahead and vote for Trump and see fi he can turn this thing around and right the ship as far as the economy, healthcare, taxes, and terrorist.
How much worse could he be then Obama?
Plus, think how much more amusing press conferences will be and all the amazing sound bites that will come out of his mouth.
Will a Trump presidency lead to world war 3? Maybe but I doubt it.
Why not have a strong hand with the rest of the world for a change?

Why not put all these radicals from around the world in their place for a change?
Why not lower our taxes and ease the burden off our citizens?
People always say that trickle down economics doesn’t work but why not try it again, maybe trump can get it right?
Hillary is so status quo that we will end up having another 4 years of nothing happening at all. and who wants that.
Lets shake it up and see if Trump can do some good, and if not then vote him out in four years and let someone else take a crack at it.
Obviously people want something to change or they never would have voted him in in the first place.
Come on people, VOTE TRUMP!!!

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