War on Drugs

The “War on Drugs” has a long and nefarious past. In recent history Nixon and Reagan (among others) have conducted high profile “wars on drugs” but this is as ridiculous as declaring a “war on money” as it is the same thing. The powers that be or the people with the money and power love money and money alone. We do not have a free market in the United States anymore than we have freedom of the press. Instead it is a big merry go round of money, dark money, human services and tax money. Eggs, eggs, spam and eggs.
The powers that be make the drugs illegal, then they proceed to buy and import the drugs into this country, dumping them into our society and making a Brazilian dollars in black money. Then the people that distribute and use the drugs get arrested and put into a FOR profit prison system where they are exploited as slave labor. Now, suppose there is a dictator in some small or third world country that won’t play by the rules, scratch that, take orders from the powers that be. U.S. politicians go to Congress asking for money to fight the horrible dictator and are invariably turned down because the politicians don’t want to face the wrath of their constituents. The country gets invaded anyway and Mr. Bad Guy goes away. The world points a finger at the U.S. and we say ”Oh no! We didn’t do it! We couldn’t get the money!” But we had the money all along, black money at that with no paper trail, drug money. They have liquid cash without regulatory interference. Sometimes however, hard cash is needed to manipulate the economy, especially when it is flagging. Voila! Legal Marijuana. Other times a legal market is required in order to prop up the economy of a nation that we have taken over or otherwise need to control, such as Afghanistan. The whole economy is based on opium poppies? No problem! Give the doctors a green light to prescribe Vicodin! We will buy the whole crop and make a killing on it in the states and prop up the Afghan puppet Government at the same time. Now that we are basically done with them they say “Oh my God! how did this happen??!! We have a prescription drug problem in this country! An EPIDEMIC!!” Dump the Opioids, hello weed! It’s grown, transported and retailed right here in the good old U.S.A. So put on your Uncle Sam outfit and wave the flag people, we’ve got a war to fight!!!

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