Who you call’n a Patriot

Why is it if you a pro Trumper then you are a “Patriot” and if your not for trump then your a fascist or a traitor?
Give me a freak’en break!
If we the people don’t vote this asshole out of office, America will be Nazi Germany all over again!
In my 50 + years on this earth I have never seen this country so divided and on the verge of real social unrest.
I travel abroad a lot and America is now the laughing stock of the rest of the world. People all over all ask the same question, “What in the Fuck is going on in America”?

And the Dems can’t get their collective heads out of their asses to beat this guy, (Biden is a total Joke) so we will most likely have 4 more years of Trump Chaos, and 4 more years of Trump might just be the death of us all!

The rest of the world used to look to America for leadership and guidance and now they just shake their heads in disgust.
It saddens me to think that so many Americans are racist thugs just like Trump, and have elected him our lord and savior. These same people who are screaming about their rights and fake news would gladly become sheep and follow trump blindly into an American dictatorship and give up all the rights they’re complaining about losing with the Dems. All they know is the mantra, Build the Wall, MAGA, Fake News, and Lock her up. So sad that the people with the most to lose will freely give it all up to be a “Patriot”.
Sounds a lot like Nazi Germany to me. Sheep, nothing but Fucking Sheep!

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