Why does there have to be a God?

Why does there have to be a God? Why is it that as soon as people get in a tight spot they suddenly find religion? People believe in God when it’s convenient, either to bargain with in a desperate situation or to hide behind religion to further an agenda. If you want to live your life like that then fine but don’t keep throwing it in my face, that’s not my God and I want no part of it.
I also find amazing what some people pass off as religion, Scientology and Mormonism in particular. These seem like back woods cults that have somehow, at least for Mormons, have become main stream and perfectly acceptable religions and I for one just don’t get it. I mean have you read the back story on both these religions? They’re pretty hard concepts to fathom; I mean you need some real faith to buy into either of these.
I also don’t believe you have to be an overzealous Christian to be a good person at heart and do good towards your fellow man but if religion furthers that believe then I’m all for it. however more often then not that is not the case. All the killing that goes on in the name of religion all over the world is appalling. Would a loving caring God allow this to happen? This is what scares me the most about organized religion, the part where you will defend your beliefs to the death and shun, maim, or kill others that don’t champion your point of view.
I’d like to believe in a higher power but I just can’t get behind all the hype.

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amen dude

Makes you wonder what God’s motivation is for it all… seems like a twisted outcast to me with too much time on his hands. God needs a therapist.